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BBA: Managing a Global Workforce: The Intersection of Employment, Immigration, Export Controls and Data Privacy Laws

From the BBA:

Many attorneys know to spot the immigration issues that arise when a worker is not a national and/or permanent resident of a work location. It is a surprise to many legal practitioners, however, that export controls, trade sanctions, employment discrimination and data privacy may also be implicated. In a wide range of industries the release of certain goods, software and technologies to foreign nationals in the course of their work is treated by the law as an export. To complicate matters, compliance with the export controls can be at odds with immigration and employment law compliance in some jurisdictions.

In this program we will use a timeline to highlight how these laws intersect as a hypothetical foreign national progresses from intern to full-time employee, through promotion and transfer.


Darren Braham
Spartan Race, Inc.

Judy L. Polacheck
Polacheck HR Law LLC

Clark Lau
Clark Lau, LLC

Roland Shrull
Middleton & Shrull LLC