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BBA: Let's Talk About "Sex" -- and LGBTQIA+ Rights -- Under Title VII

From the BBA:

Does Title VII prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation? And on the basis of gender identity? Will the answers to those questions change in the next four years?

Following recent changes at the White House, in Congress, and at the EEOC, and following recent Circuit Court decisions on the topic, how will the rights of LGBTQIA+ job applicants and employees likely change under federal employment law?

This panel of experts will focus on key cases, from the Supreme Court’s 1989 decision in Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins, to the recent 2nd, 7th, and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal decisions (from earlier in 2017) to discuss and explore whether Title VII’s prohibition against “sex” discrimination protects all LGBTQIA+ individuals. This interactive panel will be debating these issues and taking questions from attendees throughout the program.


Hon. Nancy Gertner
Formerly of the USDC, District of Massachusetts; currently Lecturer on Law, Harvard
Law School

Jennifer Levi
GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders

Leslie E. Silverman
Former Vice Chair, EEOC, currently at Fortney & Scott, LLC

Patricia A. Washienko
Moderator and Co-Chair; Freiberger & Washienko, LLC

William E. Hannum III
Moderator and Co-Chair; Schwartz Hannum PC