Counterpoint: Anusia Gillespie Takes On Vault Editor Regarding Transferability of J.D.s

After Vault Editor Matt Moody posted a blog about the limited transferability of J.D.s in the workplace, BANG member and banava founder Anusia Gillespie took him to task in her response piece, Counterpoint: You Can Do Anything With A Law Degree.

Emphasizing the importance of educating the employer, Anusia argues in her response that the skills attorneys develop in law school - issue spotting, strategic planning, the ability to learn entire subject areas in a short period of time, and the ability to pay attention to granular detail while staying "big picture" - make them prime candidates for the business world.

She continues:

Businesses are accustomed to hiring in-house attorneys, but are now expanding their thinking to compliance roles and beyond. Healthcare companies are hiring attorneys for non-legal positions as regulations increase. Startups are hiring attorneys in non-legal positions for operations and strategy roles . . . Venture capitalists are hiring attorneys in non-legal positions given their good judgment, strong networks, and keen ability to come to successful conclusions given limited in formation.

Once attorneys get in the door, they tend to ascend quickly. However, it is their job to educate potential employers about the value of J.D.s outside of traditional legal work.  As Anusia notes, "You are essentially marketing yourself as a commodity in a world that doesn't typically deal with such commodities . . . You just have to know how to sell your skills. This is an US issue, not a THEM issue."

So, how do we do it? Read the full article here.