Hannah T. Joseph Teaches Second Graders Through BBA's Law Day in Schools Program

On April 29, 2016, BANG Co-Founder Hannah T. Joseph, alongside Stephen D. Riden, of Beck Reed Riden LLP, volunteered at the Mozart Elementary School as part of the Boston Bar Association's Law Day in the Schools Program. Using the children's story The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka, Hannah and Steve taught second graders that there are two sides to every story. They also discussed the roles of attorneys, judges, witnesses, and jurors, the concept of rights, and the importance of a fair trial. 

Hannah stated:

This was such an amazing experience. The kids were extremely engaged and asked very thoughtful and nuanced questions. For instance, when discussing whether we thought the "Big Bad Wolf" intentionally blew down the three pigs' houses or if, per the character's account, he simply suffered from a terrible sneezing fit, one little boy asked if the Wolf might have accidentally blown down the first house, but then developed the intent to blow down the second and third houses. That a second grader would formulate such a complex understanding of motive within just an hour of conversation was incredible to me. Sharing what I do and imparting a sense of excitement about the legal profession was also really fun. Before we left, at least one kid said that she could see herself becoming an attorney. I think that the BBA's Law Day in the Schools is a fantastic program and I hope to participate again in the future.

One of the BBA's most popular volunteer opportunities, the Law Day in Schools Program reaches over 1,500 students in the Boston Public School system, from kindergarten all the way through senior year in high school, located in 21 Boston neighborhoods. The BBA provides volunteer attorneys with the requite lesson plan materials as well as training, and the total time commitment per volunteer is only three to five hours. This spring marks the Program's 30th anniversary.

For more information on the Law Day in Schools Program and how to get involved, please contact Katie D'Angelo, Public Service Programs Coordinator at the BBA, at kdangelo@bostonbar.org.