With Eye towards Increasing Philanthropic Programming, BANG Appoints Its First Community Outreach Coordinators, Lauren Graber and Elizabeth McEvoy

With an eye towards increasing its community involvement in 2017, BANG has appointed Lauren Graber (Collora LLP) and Elizabeth McEvoy (Donoghue Barrett & Singal, PC) to serve as its first Community Outreach Coordinators. Together, Elizabeth and Lauren will work with BANG Co-Founders Hannah Joseph (Beck Reed Riden LLP) and Jessica Conklin (Laredo & Smith) to design and implement BANG's philanthropic programming for the next year.

Elizabeth and Lauren were chosen in part because they are both very active in the Boston legal community - Elizabeth and Lauren are both active members of the Boston Bar Association and the Women's Bar Association. Additionally, Elizabeth has sat on several planning committees and Lauren is a justice leader with Discovering Justice.

With the appointment of its first Community Outreach Coordinators, BANG will be looking for ways in which its members can support their communities, both legal and nonlegal, local and worldwide. Stay tuned in!